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Autoresponder Copy
Article Writing

Poker Affiliate Marketing

Making a Living From Your Music, Part One and Two
Online Flea Markets
Towing Hitches

Small Business
One-off Samples:
The Benefits of a Discount Reseller License
Benefits of Bulk Reselling (link is to Part Four of a Five Part series).

The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Local Business Online

Fact Sheets
West Nile Virus

Keyword Articles
Online Dating
Three Simple Ways to Create a Manageable Budget

Literature Reviews
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Press Releases

Outsourcing (keyword enhanced)

Sales Letters
Buying on eBay (eBook)
How To Get "That Guy" (eBook)

Website Copy
Ahymnsa (music group)
Beat League
Poe's Paintings (translation services as well, English to French)

White Papers
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